The Half Breed Wolf

"Run ! We must run Xavier!"

"I can not run any longer dear brother" Xavier falls to his knees finally giving up on running, he was becoming weaker with every second that passed"leave ,let them only catch me Merlin ,I am to weak brother "

"No I will not leave you here to die" Merlin refused to let them take him or his brother , he lifts Xavier off the forest grounds and speeded off in a flash .

Merlin could smell the scent of the enemies getting closer,His eyes changed to a golden brown as he transformed Into a black and gray wolf with his brother laying on his back of fur.

An arrow flys hitting his shoulder , he howls in pain as he kept going , another hits the back of his paw he growls and stops in the middle of the forest ,all he could hear was the sound of the trees swaying with the wind .

"Give it up Merlin your brother is dying, we can help all you have to do is join us" Merlin turns to see he was surrounded he glares at the man who had just spoke to him.

"We will NEVER join you tobin !, we are not vampires" he growled to the man in the silver red cloak .

"Ah that you are correct about ,you and your brother are special a mixture of your father a werewolf and your mother a vampire , you two are gifted children"

"Gifted? No such thing , this is a curse , I know it was you who killed our father,there is nothing you can say to make us apart of your army" the vampire was not pleased with Merlin's words , he looks at the young boy who was in his wolf form.

"Very well then you leave me no choice dear nephew" Tobin snaps his fingers ,twelve vampires attacked the young hybrid as he tried to fight them all at once , clawing and biting ,in the end Merlin had won he transforms back into a human and walks over to his brother who he has laid on a tree before the fight .

"Xavier ,are you alright my dear brother ? " Xavier weakly looks up to his brother , he starts coughing "relax we will get to midnight fall's I promise" Merlin said smiling at his older brother.

"Merlin look ou-" it was to late , Merlin's smile faded as did his life , he slowly looks down to see the golden sword of darkness in his chest dripping his blood on to Xavier's hands.

Merlin looks up at his brother who was now trying to stand , tears formed in both there eyes "farewell dear brother" those was the last words spoken by Merlin before he fell face first on to the forest dirt.

Tobin takes the sword out from Merlin's lifeless back and wipes it with a white clothe "we only need one of you anyways " Xavier couldn't speak or move his body wouldn't let him,he felt cold as if he laid in a pile of snow all he could do was let his tears run down his cheek as he howled in torment for the lost of his only brother .

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