I arrived at my destination. It's 10 years, today. To be back to the place of my birth. I wonder if anyone still remembers me. Staring at the place that I once called home, The Banyan tree, I liked to play around as a child is no longer there. “The current owners might not like them, it's such a pity it was taken down”. Bike men clamoured around me, trying to get me to enter their own vehicle. “Don't worry” I smiled. One thing is for sure, The development of Ajaokuta didn't improve. A stench from nowhere blasted my face, stared at the heap of dirt adjacent me. It seems Things have got worse. I extended my arm, palm facing the oncoming traffic, hoping to snag a passing cab, and there I saw Bukky. She screamed my name, disbelieve all over the face. She stopped the cab that carried her. Wanting to touch if I am real. I am reuniting my best friend after a long time.

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