The Hole In My Bed

Btw. I’m kind of bending the prompt. She isn’t making this change in her life but it’s definitely a big change. 👍😁

I come home after a long day at school and all I wanna do is sleep. So I go upstairs and flip myself on my bed and close my eyes. But then all of a sudden it feels like I’m falling, I open my eyes and I am! I’m falling, but where? I have no idea. I land back on a bed, but it’s not my bed. Where am I? I look around and I hear gun shots! I wonder what’s going on. I get off the bed and open the door. Dead bodies, everywhere. Why? Who did this, I look around and don’t see anyone so I walk out a keep looking around. Still, nothing but dead bodies on the ground. As I reach the end of the corridor, I see a shadowy figure lurking in the distance. He looks at me, his eyes glowing white in the darkness. He turns to face me. And I see his hand point at me. A gun?!? All of a sudden someone picks me up and takes me back to the room I originally landed in. “Who are you!?” I looked at him half annoyed half grateful. “Is that really what your worried about?” He says as he drags the couch in front of the door after locking it. “You know what, your right. Why am I here?” He looks at me confused “How would I know?” He sits on the bed next to me. “Well aren’t you from around here?” He chuckles “No. I got here a week ago.” “So then what’s going on, why are there dead bodies everywhere?” He looks at me again, “because a very powerful witch has created this world and has chosen certain people from earth to be transported here. She chose you because she thinks you can survive here. It’s up to you wether to prove her right or wrong.” I look at him, and smile “So you were chosen too?” “Yeah” he answers. “So, what’s your name?” He asks me. “Brooklyn” his smile fades, “What’s your full name”?” I look at him a bit confused and say “Brooklyn Rose?” His eyes widen “What?” “You, are related to. Oh my god” I look at him a raise my voice a little bit “What!?” He looks back at me “The witch that created this world, her name is Scarlet Rose. She’s your sister?” I look at him and ask “Wait, my sister created this world?!? God I hate her, you know I should’ve known to because she told me this morning that my life would change by the time I went to sleep tonight.” “Wait, she lives on earth?” I look at him “Oh yeah, we share a room.” “Oh, so do you think you have powers to?” My eyebrows crunch toward each other. “I don’t know, if I do I’ve never used them.” He looks at me. We lock eyes. “You know your really hot when your stressed.” I look at him surprised, “What? No I’m not.” He still hasn’t stopped looking at me “Yes, you are.” I smile, “Your just trying to flatter me because my sister is the queen of this planet.” He raises his eyebrows “And what if I wasn’t?” I look at him intrigued and say “Well then I might do a little something like this-“ I kiss him. And I don’t even know his name. There’s just a spark between us that we both dealt the second our lips touched. Except the kiss didn’t stop. And it turned into so much more than a kiss. I might not hate staying here after all.

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