The day we wed.

You were dressed in red.

I could feel my heart stop when I see you from down the aisle.

The moment I thought we would be together forever.

I never thought the day were you were in red.

Your lies bled through our home.

The home we shared.

The home we raised our children in.

And yet how will I tell the children.

That you lie.

You lie about loving me.

You lied about forever hold our peace.

There was no peace that night.

The children were away.

I caught you with my sister.

The one person I believed in.

The person who raised me.

The person who was there when my parents didn’t care.

I thought of the day you were dressed in red.

To thin your lights were tainted in a glass door.

Seeping to fall out.

At that moment my mind went out.

As I hear my sister call out my name.

I look at her with fury!

Instead of you wearing red.

The room was red.

The sheets were tainted a crimson to be said.

I look in my hands.

I see a kitchen knife.

Strands of hair fall from you head.

As I took your life.

Next thing I knew you were dead.

Sirens filled my ears.

Flashes of blue and red Fill the windows.

The brights light caught my attention.

My eyes widen.

Before I knew it.

I took my life.

Till death do us part.

Now we were both tainted in red.

The red connected to you and me.

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