Idek 🤣

Me: ‘i didn’t think about that’ i shrug

Her: ‘you dont think about anything’ her eyes got darker

Me: ‘Ofc i do’

Her: ‘like what’?

Me: ‘food’ i throw her a smile and push by nuggets in her face she ignores it tho lol

Her: ‘that’s all’?

Me: ‘well.. yeah’

Her: ‘thats bc boyz think wit their dicks’

I blushed like a lil girl and shook my head {embarrassin} she acted like she didnt see it she dont call out embarrassin shi les she aint like u

Her: ‘tf else do u think wit u aint got no brain’

Me: ‘what if i had a girl thingy’.

it was her turn to blush she hid it behind her manicured and scarred hand tucked in its black sleeve

Her: ‘does that give u an excuse’?

Me: ‘if that was a case youd have a dick so ig no’

Her: ‘fuckin ridiculous idek why i put up with u’

she shoved me off the curb by mcdonalds as she finished her burger then she looked at me funny and said: ‘Mc D be bussin’”


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