Damned Curse

I have fifteen tattoos, have jumped out of three planes, climbed the tallest mountains in every continent, and have been married seven times. There is only one that I regret, the one that started this whole adventure.

I warn you, it’s awful, one I regret, and I’m only telling the story because of a dare.

See, I dated a woman because of a bet, and her brother cursed me. Now I have to take every bet, every dare, every time someone says ‘no balls’. It doesn’t seem that bad, but I also know every member of my local hospital’s staff. I’m very deep in debt, and live with the man who cursed me.

Of course, the curse doesn’t affect dares of the original one’s nature. I can turn those down just fine, and always will.

Hey, he didn’t specify how long this had to be, or how good the writing had to be.

I survive on loopholes.

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