Wheels Of Wonder

In the morning light, I mount my bike,

A trusty companion for this journey I'll hike.

With wheels that spin and pedals that fly,

I embark on an adventure, beneath the vast sky.

Through meadows and forests, I swiftly roam,

Each turn and twist, a step closer to home.

The wind whispers secrets as it dances by,

Carrying scents of wildflowers, reaching so high.

With every push of the pedal, I climb higher,

Ascending to peaks where the air feels afire.

The sun kisses my skin with its golden light,

As I bask in the beauty of this breathtaking sight.

Downhill I go, a rush of pure glee,

As I surrender to the thrill, feeling so free.

The world blurs around me in a colorful swirl,

As I navigate trails, in this magical whirl.

With each passing moment, I feel so alive,

In tune with nature's rhythm, ready to thrive.

The song of the birds, the rustle of leaves,

Merge with the hum of my bike, as my spirit believes.

At last, I come to rest, beneath the tall trees,

In awe of the beauty that surrounds me with ease.

For in this simple act of riding with glee,

I've found magic in the ordinary, for all to see.

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