“Dear Journal, I’ve been here in this hospital for 63 days. My roommate is nice? Ever since I was shot in the spine I feel useless. I miss when people would trust me to have their backs. I don’t know what to do. - Kate “ I put my journal down as the doctor comes in. “Hello Officer Diaz. How are you doing? “ “ As good as I can with no feeling in my legs,” I responded. That night I couldn’t sleep, although my roommate, Minnie was sleeping like a log. I heard her talking in your sleep “I killed her and I can kill you too!” I was shocked. I had hoped it was just a dream but it seemed so real. As a police officer I thought I needed to tell someone but as a person that was defenseless I wasn’t sure what to do. For the next few weeks I didn’t tell anyone. I talked to Minnie less, but she didn’t seem to notice. The doctors and nurses saw I was keeping to myself but probably didn’t think much of it. Eventually I decided I should tell someone. Next week I was discharged, I went straight home to see my roommate, best friend, and partner. “Hey Maya “I said. “I need to tell you some thing,” “ What’s up?” Maya asked. “My roommate in the hospital, Minnie Zeek, think she killed at least one person,” Maya looked into it and it was true, She was put in jail for a long time. A few years later I was able to walk again, I was on track to rejoining the force in two years. I was at peace and happy.

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