When Love Floats Away

It starts as a look, a quick glance to the side, when you think they’re not looking, and still want to hide.

A look that’s so quick, a second or two, but it makes you feel things, like you ran or you flew.

Then you talk, small and nice, no real truth behind it, but soon you want more, so you hunt ‘til you find it.

And, you’ll look for a while, look high and look low, but the longer you look, the faster they go.

The desire runs fast, the wonder hides deep.

Then the feelings are gone, all fast asleep.

And why would this happen, after all these long times?

For you once went together, like a babe and a rhyme.

Though the answer it tough,

the truth hard and cold.

Their presence, unwanted,

our conversations now old.

For the more that I knew him,

the more we did talk,

the more I grew restless,

always watching the clock.

So when the day came,

when he wanted to know,

he asked, loud and hopeful,

but my answer was no.

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