What do you think S.P.T. could possibly stand for?

It stands for Super Powered Threat.

One day I was rapping in class , spitting ‘fire’ .

But then I literally spat out fire onto my wooden desk . Smoke rose from in front of me. I began to panic. The teacher ran over with the fire extinguisher, and extinguished the fire.

By after that, everyone backed away from me.

I was in my own little corner.

This was all recorded on the CCTV cameras in my high school.

One minute later, People wearing hazmat suits came into the classroom with handcuffs.

Took me away.

To a Government testing area, where

I was placed into Solitary confinement because I was a risk to society.

Society was too scared of me.

Me? I’m just a kid . I don’t comprehend how this could happen.

The next day I got lucky ? I teleported our back into society. But everything had already changed . People everywhere gave me strange looks, scared looks, and avoided me.

No school to go to, No home to go home to.

Where was I supposed to go now?

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