Birthday Blues

Time strikes 12

Excitement overwhelms

First 10 years of life

Given nothing of blight

Giddy mornings and happy parades

Opening gifts and munching on cake

Picture perfect world without the shattering realities

Now when it’s time, all I do is mourn

Another year added, less time to adore

Life is bland, worse on these days

These are worst days

You will be getting giddy, or should as a teen

Yet money problems always dragged us down

Barely scrounging enough for this trip

Georgia rays and Florida Days, staying in the muggiest of ways

Spending time with family, friendslet being nauseated

Now I sit, with no gifts to share

Barely enough money for us to share

I wish I wasn’t selfish, wasn’t expecting anything

But a part of me does too

I wish to be a small kid again, happy for when this day comes

Not pressured and forced to put a plastic face

My luck always ends here, in this pit

Birthday candle, with no wish to get

Abounded by cake, that tastes extremely sour

Financial Aid, this trip was a downer

Alas, I’m 17

I oh so wonder what this world will throw at me

But yet again, I really don’t care

It’s just another day, somewhere

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