I sound it out slowly,

In my head,

With emphasis.

Like hellspawn.

And I don’t believe in hell as a place,

But I believed in you as a person.

From this distance it looks the same.



Lily of the valley.

A pretty flower.

A poisonous one too.

Most people don’t know that.

I didn’t either,

That is until the after you.

The aftermath of you.

It was like I had been rampaged.

There was debris everywhere.

I had flashbacks of explosions,

Just walking to the store.

And there was a lot of fear,

That no one would believe me if I had my story heard.

Even my parents,

Or my friends that didn’t know her.

Nothing was certain in her world.

Nothing was certain,

Nothing was clear,

Skirting around the edge of a cliffside,

You be beckoning me nearer.

Telling me to have faith,

Rope fastened to my waist.

But you dropped me,

And i sank into the abyss anyways.

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