embarrassing 🫒

it was fourth period art class i was sitting beside ryl with a pencil and a black pen the girl across from us asked for a black pen i had put mine behind my ear and told the girl i didnt kno where mines was she just sat their pissifyed nd mutter something i asked her what she said cus she was muttering like some pussy she shook her head

ryl had stopped drawing atp and was looking at the girl from over her easel she pushed back her hair and started drawing again when the girl muttered again i heard ryls name and so did ryl

so she puts her pencil down and glares at the girl openly her name was erica ryl didnt say anything but when the girl looks up and see ryl staring she turns red and looks away ryl walks to the other side of the room nd gets erica a black pen.

she slammed it down in front of the girl and told her next time to β€˜get her ass up and walk across the room with some sense for a damn pen before she has to slap the sense unto Erica’

well atp i realized the pen was behind my ear and awkwardly sat it down on the table while ryl finished drawing her realistic cupcake i bet she still have that picture too but it was still embarrassing that i sat there with it behind my ear watching ryl walk across the room πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜‚

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