Old Friend

Dear Old friend , 

From the depth of my heart I’ll say this, my gratitude for you will be for infinity, for all that you’ve taught me, I solidly believe in myself now more than I have ever been. 

Memories  of  you can’t fade away in a stone throw, regardless of how transient the Context of the universe might seem. 

You expunged the inner skepticism i built upon my soul, You pulverized the if’s and but’s I nursed in my heart due to mysterious past. I can never ask for a friend better than you.

You shed light on the dark energies that weighed and stood on my inner strength. All the times you transposed me from the denotative to the connotative, I’m no longer  oblivious of our universe’s paradigm. 

From the Acme frequency of our universe, you reposed and charged confidence on my bones. 

I feel better now.


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