Dear Daddy and Milo and Hannah

Virginia pulled the sheets off the bed, preparing the room for a cleaning for the next patient who came along. The rustle of a paper made her look around. She saw it fluttering to the floor from the messy pile of sheets.

After a moment of hesitation, she opened it, glancing at the signature. Kaylee Hansen; it was signed in the handwriting of a young girl. Virginia hadn’t known the girl personally, not having been assigned to her. She began to read.

Dear Daddy and Milo and Hannah,

I found out today that I am going to die. I don't want to die. I'm olny nine years old. Dr Evans says it's cancer in my brain. Milo, you can have my soccer stuff. Daddy and Hannah please get married soon and Daddy please let mommy know somehow, even if she didn't want me. Tell Olivia that I'm going to miss her. But tell her to make some good friends and not be skared.

Daddy please take good care of Skippy and tell him to not bite on Mrs. Georges pants. She already threatened to call animal control. Hannah be a good mommy to Milo and Milo be respectful to both of them and qwit acting like a rebellious teenager. I heard the principl say that's what you are.

Daddy, I'm sorry you had to tell me that I'm going to die. Don't worry about me. Grandma will take care of me. Tell evrybody that I love them.

Love Kaylee Hansen.

Two weeks later, Virginia personally delivered the letter to the family. She was invited to the wedding.

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