Bare For The End Of It All


I can’t—

Bear it

How can you bear this pain

The numbness pacing in my chest

How quickly your words fill my brain

I thought I was tired enough to let it rest


I can’t

Explain it

How can you say goodbye

When we were fireworks and rain

I didn’t really think I’d cry

I didn’t believe in love enough to think of pain


I can’t

Kill it

I thought you loved me enough for trying

The gape of empty, empty space

Like shrivelled nerves, rough cut wiring

Deadened by a name and a face


You can

End it

I said could, should, would

You took my mercy

Offered by thoughts of you, kind and good

I never thought your back was something I’d see


I can’t

Stand it

Memories turn thin and blackened

Poisoned by their own golden fever

I guess I got too far under your skin

Without making up myself to be your receiver


I can’t—

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