Discussion With Aliens

We have spent many years in slavery with these aliens. They have been nice to all of us, but I am ready to have my freedom back. I am going to talk to the others and see who is willing to help. These have been nice aliens but I want to be able to come and go as I please.

I think it is best to let the aliens know we do not want to leave we just want to be able to come and go. We have learned over the decades to work as a community with them. I would not want to loose the advancements we have made together or with the aliens.

I will start by just asking around at work if people are wanting to have his/her freedom back. I need to find out if society is even interested in no longer being under the alien overlords.

The next day at work I ask around and realize that many people feel the same way i do. We all agree that the aliens have benefitted our society but now we want to have some free will back. The aliens I hope would understand. I need to keep finding out how many others feel this same way.

I spend the next two weeks asking around at work, at church, and just bringing the topic up in casual conversations. I realize there are a lot of people that feel the same way I do. I am starting to realize society does not think the aliens as evil or bad. They just want to be able to come and go as they choose.

Everyone is agreeing with the idea of us talking to the aliens. I decide to write a small speech to present at the monthly meeting the alien council has to go over how the month prior has gone. As I write my speech I start to get nervous. What if the aliens think I am trying to start a rebellion? What if they take this as a revolt? I just want a peacful discussion. A few weeks go by as I work on my speech. I think I have to as dailed in as possible. Then one night late at night I hear a loud bang at my front door. No one ever comes to visit me. I am curious, I go to check it out.

No one hears from me again. They just find my apartment door wide open and me missing.

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