Her Favorite Color

What do you think of when you see orange? A nice sunset on a beach, or a blazing fire in a camp far, far into the woods? But what does orange represent? Red represents anger, intensity, and blood. Blue represents sadness, fear, loneliness. Almost every other color represents something. But orange doesn’t have much. So instead of something similar to red, i think of her. Orange isn’t just a color. Its her favorite. She’s my favorite, but I’ll never tell her. I think of her jersey that she looks so good in. I think of her laugh, that’s so contagious. I think of her beautiful brown eyes, that i could stare into forever. I think of her kindness, and how she always puts other before herself. But most of all, i think of how much i love her. But she likes boys, not girls. I’ll never have her, and i have to accept that. I can’t though. I just can’t.

- number 87

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