The Shadow In The Sea

Why did I decide to do this?

Why did I decide to go on a nice boat trip by myself?

Fear builds up in me, body shaking as I look below my boat…a gigantic shadow of some sea beast lurks below.

I stand still in my boat shocked and fearful for my own life. Fearing that if I move an inch the beast will come up from below the sea and swallow me and my boat full.

Suddenly a bigger boat comes up behind my boat and chucks a harpoon into the gigantic beast killing it instantly from hitting it in the head.

“Are you alright?” One of the men asked.

“Yes…yes thank you so much, sir.” I said, my voice shaking from fear. The fear of being eaten by that gigantic sea beast.

“Climb aboard and I’ll take you to shore.” He said.

“Okay, thank you so much for your help sir!” I said.

I climbed aboard his huge boat and we sailed off to the shore.

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