Down The Garden Path

Find me down the garden path,

Or leave me there to rot.

Find me hidden under the trees,

Writing in my favorite spot.

Walk along the pretty path,

Then we can talk together.

Let’s walk along there, side by side,

We could lie that it gets better.

Come share your secrets,

I will not say them.

Come share your story,

From your petals to your stem.

Please, you can play with me,

Let me feel your wrath.

Just take me away from this

Silly garden path.

Please take me away.

Wrap your arms around me.

Please free me from waiting

Down the garden path.

Where I hate it the most.

Take me somewhere icey,

Or down the beaches coast.

Help me out of this horrible world.

Take me up in the stars at last,

Or maybe deep down,

Just make it fast.

Find me down the garden path…

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