The Alchemy of Morning

In the quiet dawn, where shadows softly play,

A cup of coffee starts another day.

Its aroma dances on the morning breeze,

Awakening senses with gentle ease.

From humble beans, a potion brewed with care,

Each sip a journey, a moment rare.

The dark elixir, a symphony in a cup,

Stirring thoughts, waking dreams, waking up.

With every sip, a tale unfurls anew,

Of distant lands, of skies so deep and blue.

In swirling steam, whispers of ancient lore,

A sip of magic, an alchemist's lore.

And as the day unfolds, each moment bright,

The cup of coffee, a beacon of light.

Transforming ordinary into sublime,

A sip of joy, a moment frozen in time.

So let us raise our cups in quiet cheer,

For in the mundane, beauty does appear.

In every sip, in every fleeting glance,

Magic resides in life's simplest dance.

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