The Girl In The Reflection

Never had I thought that one day this would happen. The girl in the window is just a reflection. I should have just talked but I chose to be quiet. But every night her and her boyfriend fight and this time the boyfriend broke up with her. She fell into depression and she started staring out of the window. I should have said something but I didn’t. But this time the girl was hanging outside of the window. Everyone told her not to jump and even police came to save her. But her finale last word was “There no point of living in this world”… Then she jumped 8 Stories and she died. The truth is, that girl was me…. My reflection in the window. If I have to live in this cruel world for much longer then I rather not live at all. With these wars, sicknesses, endless killing, fighting, and child abuse. I rather die than stay on this earth much longer. God may not forgive me for what I have done but if he sees what these people had done with this world maybe he will understand why I killed myself. But I’m

“The Girl In The Reflection.”

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