I Can't Forgive nor Forget

"You know,

I used to think you were my friend.

I thought, maybe, you just had issues.

You didn't mean to be harsh,

Or rude,

Or unnecessarily nasty to those who cared.

You were dealing with heavy shit,

And I was prepared to walk alongside you

Through that dark, empty tunnel,

Until you saw the light again.

I thought you could come to your senses,

And be the friend I knew you to be.

I saw you change,

And I believed—

Foolishly, I believed—

That you were still the same as ever,

But with a newfound exterior.

Maybe the tough guy persona was getting to your head.

It's all good,

It happens to the best of us, after all.

But good people don't do the things you did,

And I will never know peace again.

I woke to numbness and a paralyzing betrayal,

You slept soundly after a good fuck.

I hate you

For whispering sweetness to me the morning after,

And telling me

I was the best you ever had.

I was taken—stolen.

And I hate you

For being such a good friend before,

And leaving me believing in your safe return.

You came back,

But you came back with a malicious glint in your eye.

In the murkiness of your tunnel,

I held your hand and tried to guide you out,

Only to find:

Deep down, you're really shallow,

And the exit was behind you all along."

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