Plunging After You

Why am I like this? I’m hanging off a bridge just to prove a point. What point you may ask? That I was stronger than David Finch even though I was a girl. But now I found myself in need of assistance. The crowd that had gathered at first dispersed and left me here. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid stubborn girl. I considered yelling for help. But if it was anyone from school it would be the center of every conversation for a very long time.

“Hey!” Nothing. I was relieved and irritated the same time. What’s a little water? I mean it’s only, what 10, 12 feet from the ground into a raging river? Gosh I’m an idiot.

“Hello?” I grew quiet. I recognized that voice. Do I say something, or fall into a river labeled: ego. Ugh.

“Whose there?” They asked again.

“Go away” I yelled. A few seconds of feet shuffling around, then a head peered over the side of the bridge.

“Qadira?” It had to be Amatsu. I looked down so that the red in my cheeks would subside. “What are you doing?” He asked amused.

“None of your business, back off” a silence came over the us while I continued to hang there. My arms were tired and I thought I might fall any minute.

“Do you want help?”

“No! I’m… uh… exercising” he gave me a ‘right’ look.

“Okay, by then” he walked away.

“Hey! Wait don’t leave!” His head peeked back over the rail. He smirked.

“Would you like help now?” He asked.

“Yes please” I grumbled. With the grace of an athlete he hopped over the rail and took my hand. He pulled me up. With the recklessness of an idiot, I pushed away as his arm reached around my back. Amatsu lost his footing and off we both went falling to the river below. At least I can swim. Can’t say the same for him.

(The end I guess)

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