The Other Woman

I know he’s lying. He has to be. When Henry and I got married, he told me that golfing was for loser old guys who only care about retirement. Henry’s more adventurous than that. There no way he could ever be golfing with his buddies. It’s ridiculous.

Henry and I have been married coming up on 6 years. It’s been crazy. We both never planned on settling down, so it was insane to think getting married was truly what we wanted. I never expected to become Mrs. Mackenzie Powler, but it’s what I had signed up for, for a lifetime. We always thought that it was better to be married to each other, than someone who wasn’t brave enough to experience life. That’s the one thing I knew was right about us. We brought out the best in each other, and never held each other back.

He knows I never expect anniversary gifts. It’s very unlikely he’d be getting that. I mean, maybe he went to visit his Mom or something. But would he lie about that? No. It was something else.

Bringgggg! Bringgggg!

“Hello?” I answered in a muffled voice. “Henry, where are you? I’ve been waiting here for 20 minutes!” A woman exclaimed.

“Who is this?” I asked, confused.

“Alexa,” the woman answered. “Who is this?”

“It’s Mackenzie,” I started. “Uh, how did you get this number?”

“I-uh.” I heard mumbling and breathing on the other side of the phone. Then the woman hung up before I could ask any more questions.

“I knew it! That bastard! 6 years I wasted on him!” I yelled. Then I stopped. I might’ve taken that call the wrong way. Who knows? It might have been a colleague. Or maybe a friend he was meeting. He knows how I get jealous, maybe he just didn’t want me to get upset. I decided to confront him later… but I couldn’t stop overthinking everything. I pressed the re-dial button in the phone and the woman answered.

“Hi Alexa. I’m so sorry about that phone call, I didn’t realize who it was. I get nervous when people I don’t know call the house. I’m Henry’s sister Katie,” I lied. “So tell me, is Henry there yet? What are you guys up to today?”

“Oh hi Katie, thanks for calling back. Henry isn’t here yet, but we’re going to take a couples pottery class. I’ve been begging him to do it with me for almost a year.”

Me face dropped. A year? He was cheating on me! For almost a year!

“I have to go Alexa. I have to go find my husband—I mean—brother,” I quickly managed to squeak out on the phone.” I slammed the phone down.

Later that day, when Henry came home, I was prepared to guilt trip him like never before. I was so ready to confront him.

“Hi hon, I’m so glad to see you!” He exclaimed. He hugged me tightly. I didn’t hug him back.

“How was your day? How are you feeling?” He asked me.

“Fine,” I replied, turning away.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I said a little louder.”

“Well, it seems like you’re mad,” He explained. I turned around and put my cookbook down on the counter.

“You know, a really sweet lady called today. She had the wrong number. Her name was Alexa. She asked for you, but I told her it was the wrong Henry. You don’t know her, do you honey?” I asked sweetly.

“Uh… no. I’ve never met anyone named Alexa in my life.”

“Cool,” I replied. “How was golfing?”

“I won!” He exclaimed.

“Great,” I whispered. “Henry?”


“We’ve been married for almost 6 years. You know, I’ve been thinking that maybe we should do more activities as a couple. Maybe a pottery class?” I smiled. I could tell he was nervous. He was practically sweating. I ignored his little gulps.

“Or did you have someone else that you’d rather do it with?” I frowned and crossed my arms.

“Mackenzie, I can explain!”

“Oh I’d love to hear a way to wiggle yourself out of this one.” I chuckled.

“Mackenzie, it was temporary, I swear! I was going to break it off with her really soon. Please believe me!”

“Hmm, sounded like your one year anniversary with her is a perfect time for a break-up, too bad she won’t see it coming,” I said sarcastically.


“Don’t call me that.

“Please. It wasn’t that serious.”

“Lying isn’t going to make this any easier,” I explained.

“Whatever Alexa said, it’s not true!”

“So you are having an affair, yet I’m supposed to trust you over the person you’ve been two-timing? Sounds reliable!” I yelled at him sarcastically.

“Mackenzie! This would ruin my reputation! Don’t do this to me!” He begged.

“Not even an apology. No “I love you’s”. No “I want to work through this”. All you care about is yourself, Henry. You wanted excitement too much to be in a committed relationship. You have to give up the fun of dating, to gain the commitment and love you have during marriage! I have given things up for you! But you just couldn’t help yourself? Could you?!” I yelled angrily. He rolled his eyes in disbelief.

“Get out!” I screamed. “Have a good life! You’ll get your divorce papers in the mail at your Mom’s!”

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