I’m so glad to be alive in a world

Where wildflowers glow in gentle hues

From the sun’s golden rays

At the close of the day,

Where leaves fall softly

And the wind whispers of winter

Of coming chilly weather

Crackling fires


Jingling sleigh bells.

Right now the world is in its sparse days

The bare days of fall

I spin around in the field

My umbrella aloft

Because this is my favorite time of year.

I love the apple cider

The pumpkin spice

The feeling of being glad the hot summer’s over

And welcoming the cozy winter.

I can dance, because I have nothing to fear.

I am carefree because I know

That no matter the season now

The next one will come because it always has

And it always will.

Having lived through 80 seasons,

I know that no matter how dismal the fall may be

Spring never fails to come again.

I can embrace each season

Appreciating each one’s unique charm

Because I know that it’s just a season

And since it will pass, it will cause me no harm.

The hand that makes the seasons never fail

Makes my heart leap

And my soul sing

And my feet dance with freedom

Because I’m not in charge

And this season has its thunder

It’s rain (that’s why the umbrella)

But it’s just a season

And along with it’s pain

I can enjoy the simple things

Each season brings.

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