Annie she’s five and me I’m all a figment of her imagination, her sometimes sweet but mostly I’m terrified for my life mind. Me I’m based of her favorite character, Harley Quinn some slight differences depending on her mood, like I wasn’t the crazy one she is, who in their right mind let a five year old who is nothing but diabolical watch the psychos and chaos they wrought is beyond me. Today I have her older brothers baseball bat, her intention are not pure, Lincoln the cat peed or her favorite dolly and she’s pissed and what did Harley Quinn Do when she was pissed? Fucked shit up . So as I was in position to hit a home run the cat the ball as she called for it. I tried to be her conscious. “

“Annie it’s only a kitten it needs to be potty trained just like you did when you were a baby.”

“The kitten is mean, she peed on Julie and that is not ok! We’re just going to give it a reminder how things work around here.” The hell? she’s five with a mind of a thirty year old hit man Jesus this child. Someone send help.

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