Cover Window In The Living Room

I can only describe it as a warm preasure between my shoulder blades below my neck. I turned, anxiously, almost expecting to see someone standing on the other side of the room. It was then I saw the curtains had not been drawn shut on the large picture window in the livinging room. I crossed the room with tightness in my chest. I pressed my face to the glass, cupping my face with my hands. Nothing. It was pitch black outside with no moon in the sky to illuminate the property. I exhaled, closing the curtains in an attempt to alleviate the erie feeling. My stomach twisted into knots as the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I felt as though I needed to back myself into a corner simply to be reassured there was nothing or no one behind me. I quickly patrolled the cabin to verify the door and each window was locked a secured. I made my way to the stairs leading up to the loft. The tingling feeling on my back increasing. It felt unbearable. I suddenly rased to the top of the stairs before whipping around. Nothing. I quickly make my way other to the cot where I sit with my back against the wall. My heart felt as though it could beat out of my chest as I struggled to inhale deeply and slowly. My senses on high alert as my ears strained to hear even the slightest sounds. I couldn’t help but think of the strange passage in the journal I had found lying on the table when I arrived this moring. “They come in the night. Secure cabin, cover window in the living room.” What did that mean? Was I just being paranoid? I couldn’t shake the feeling I was being observed by something from somewhere. Thats when I heard movement outside of the cabin. I sat perfectly still for what felt like hours listening as someone or something paced around the outside of the cabin. BANG! Something had smacked the ouside of the cabin right where I had been sitting on my cot. I raced down the stairs, into the living room, and into a corner. I looked around the dark room before realizing I was right by the window in the living room. I continued to hear movement all around teh perimeter of the cabin for hours aling with banging on the walls. Whatever was out there was looking for me. BANG! On the wall right behind me. I stiffled a scream. Frozen. Then silence.

Hours passed with no indication whatever had been pacing around the cabin and banging on the walls was still there. Despite the dreadul feeling in the pit of my stomch, I mustered the strength to stand up and take a few steps until I was in front of the window. With shaking hands I drew open the curtains. Stepping up to the window I pressed my face to the glass cupping my face with my hands. Two big red eyes and pale face pressed against the window stared right back at me.

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