Welcome To Nail Pt2

A man in a crisp blue suit gets out of a jeep ahead of the cargo trailer. His face is locked in a perpetual scowl and the sparse hair on his shaved head is just starting to grow back in a grey horseshoe. He walked down the line of Wolfbanes he noticed Romingo a wicked sneer split across his face “Welcome back to Nail this time you won't ever escape I'll see to that personally.” he said to Romingo quietly

Then stepped back clearing his throat. Then spoke loud enough for all the Wolfbanes to hear

“My name is Warden John Washburn.

The prisoners of Nail call me “Sir.”

That's sir with a capital “S” for those of you with book learning. Proper noun you get me?.”

No one said a thing. The grammar lesson seemed utterly incongruous with being treated like animals during the mostly silent hours of transportation.

The warden remains silent waiting.

Romingo was only loyal to Corin he wasn't going to submit to the warden anytime soon

The warden spoke up again “As you all know Nail is a place you'll never escape. There was only one escape Nail and I can assure you anyone who tries will receive the same punishment he has.” the warden pointed at Romingo and two guards shoved him forward

One of them handed the warden handed whip then the soldiers went back to their place except one who held Romingo in place

“Let me make this clear to anyone who decides to try to escape. If you even so as attempt like this man right here you will get the same fate.”

The warden started slashing Romingo

He growled in pain as he struggled under the soldier's grip. Twenty slashes later the soldier picked Romingo off the ground and then shoved him back in line

The warden walked down the line of wolfbanes staring each one in the face. Once he hit the end of the line he turned his heel starting back when he walked back to Romingo he turned to him his lip twisted upward in a smirk he watched the blood trickle down Romingo’s face. He was about to speak to him when one of the Wolfbanes stepped out of line and spoke with a deep lupine timbre, muffled by the muzzle.

“Not sure I get you, John.” Romingo tried to look over without being noticed it was a wolfbane Girl.

The warden slinks up to her and then looks her up and down. “Some balls on you.” He feigns an obvious squint. “Ah, my mistake. Nothing between your legs but a tuft of fur and a bristling tail.”

Two things happened then almost in unison. The Girl wolfbane growled and before the rumbling fury so much existed in her throat, Washburn’s hand snapped down to his right side like a whip-crack and came up with a gleaming revolver. The Girl’s growl turned into a howl of pain as her knee blossomed with a splattering flower of blood. The warden steps forward into melee range, frowning as he holds his weapon to the girl’s temple and thumbs back the hammer. He looks up and down the line of wolfbanes as the other soldiers behind him twitch uncomfortably.

“I'm only going to say this once.”

Washburn announces coldly. “From here on out I am your god. You will eat when I tell you to eat. You will shit when I tell you to shit. If I tell you to clean the floor with your tongue

The only thing I want to hear out of your mouth is “Yes, Sir.” he looks back to the Girl

“We understand each other?.”

Her only response was a groan of pain, but Romingo could almost hear her unspoken promise of revenge.

The warden lowers his revolver and makes a causal display of De-cocking it by feel, his left hand easing the hammer back into place

While his eyes stayed locked with the Girl’s amber eyes.

Romingo felt tense it was just as traumatic as when he first arrived he hoped corin would find him soon. That his people would no longer have to suffer.

A midnight-black slash splits the road ahead in two, and Romingo felt the usual rumbling beneath his feet as if he was welcoming him back to the nightmares. Steel doors part ways, revealing a ramp descending into the blackness below. As the walkway is revealed, bright spotlights snap in pairs, two by two into the depths of the earth.

“Well then.” the warden says, turning to his victim. “Now that we developed an understanding, I'd like to welcome Romingo back to Nail, and to the rest of you welcome to your new home.”

The soldiers converged around Romingo and pushed the line of reluctant Wolfbanes toward the hole in the ground

“Welcome to Nail.”

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