Love On The Bus

Monday through Friday I live a life with you

You’re the 7:45 Tennessee Street stop, I’m four before.

Our eyes meet as you reach the top step, and I begin to fall into their blue depths; you smile a small smile and my lips curve in answer. Yes.

As your bulky winter coat sleeve whispers a secret to mine it begins, an unfolding.

We have dinner we both like pasta! Next, a movie. Romantic Comedy? Thriller? We can’t decide so we see one of each.

We fall in love in the sunshine in the park and under the stars with out feet in the sand at the beach.

You propose at Christmas a thousand yesses rush from me at once

I see our happiness reflected over and over in the bulbs, and the twinkling lights cast no shadows.

Twenty thousand days pass by in a blink

Days and days of laughter, with some sad days threaded through, such is the measure of a life well-lived together.

I rise from my seat at the Start Street stop and glance behind me to see

You absorbed in your laptop, its light giving your face a blue cast that nearly matches your eyes.

The door wooshes open, and as I step down into a slushy puddle, I whisper “Farewell my almost lover.”

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