The Battles For Love

I honestly wasn’t expecting anything intresting to happen in my lifetime. All the intresting things stopped after I turned six years old. I assumed i wouldnt even reach my adult hood without how bad my life was turning out. Even my love life was messed up. At least, it used to be messed up. Until I met him… the man of my dreams. We met and 2 days later became a couple. It happened so fast I thought I was falling off a cliff straight into a trecherous river. Unsure of whether I’d live through the harsh cold waters or not. I didn’t believe in love at first sight, I thought it was just fairytale talk… I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was like Cinderella walking into that ballroom and meeting the prince for the first time, falling in love instantly. It felt amazing, I loved him and he loved me. He said so which means he does… Right? With someone who has so many bad outcomes with love you become unsure. You feel as if your in love with an angel until that angel tells you to take a bite of the forbidden fruit, tricking you and tricking you. Over and over until you break. He wouldn’t do such a thing though… When you have the kind of love with someone where it feels like its moving too fast but you feel like youve known them forever. You worry about going too fast for a few days maybe less. Then you start worrying about the future. He reasures me constantly and at some point I begin to wonder when or if he’ll ever give up on me. Its been 7 months almost since then. Our first valentines day is today and I’m more nervous and scared than a frog trying to hop around the crocodiles in a swamp. We have so much in common, and somethings the other doesn’t like but it hasn’t effected us at all. We equally want to commit to each other… I feel happier than I ever have before. Which makes this whole thing scary. You start to worry about whether your enough or not. If you uoset them even in the slightest you’ll blame yourself but your worried about even that because you don’t want to upset them. Your mind becomes a dead-mans zone. A war. Except this war could be never ending. If it does go away it won’t be gone forever. At the most it’ll become a cold war and you’ll think you’re fine until it pops up from the ashes of yourself you left behind. When you’re in love, its not just your life you have to worry about now. Its both of your lives now. Everything you do will effect them, and thats the scary part. The person of your dreams will make your heart flutter and feel as if its flying through the sky like a plane. If its a love thats distanced, that love has a chance of lasting longer than if you physically met them only because of one reason; they met your personality and fell in love with that. Not with your looks. Once they fall in love with your personality, they won’t give a crap avout how you look. Only of how you treat them. If you end up in that kind of love, never ruin it. Always trust your partner like you’d trust your best friend. They’re your second half, your lover. The person you’d want to be with forever. Who you’d want to hug and cuddle with for hours. Kiss for hours, someone you’d have sex with even if before you were never interested in that yet. They’ll make you feel more confident about yourself, but also make you think about things you never thought you’d think about before. You’ll feel more determined than ever, and you’ll acomplish so much more. If you haven’t found someone who makes you smile for no reason at the very thought of them, you will eventually. It’ll happen, I didn’t think it would and then it did. I feel like im on cloud 9. I’m in a fairytale, and I will do anything to make it last forever. No matter who or what gets in my way.

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