Knowing Me

It’s strange to know something and it not to know you back. It’s like I was never really there. The ache in my heart tells me I’m here. I’m real . The tightness of my soul tells me I experienced everything, yet you don’t know me. Your beautiful eyes slay me eyes that don’t know me. Eyes that held so much love and wickedness and playfulness, eyes that knew me. These eyes though they see right past me. And that makes my hands tingle my heart hurt and my breath catch. Simply knowing you is divine but having your love and attention your knowing your worth fierce soul it’s nothing short of earth shattering and yet you don’t know me. You don’t remember your hands on my body, your lips on mine your words, whispering words of amazement of loving me. But this you, this you dosnt know me. And that will forever change me. You will forever be in my soul and yours will never know mine . And that hurts something awful.

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