No Sorrow

On the other side of the bloodied battlefield, Aura Devilon stood proud, with a sword in her hand and smile on her face.

As the opposing side sent their forces upon Aura and the soldiers in her end charged toward them, she thrust into action.

Slicing her sword, she moved with grace and calculated steps; leading closer and closer to her father’s tent.

When she finally stood before her father, who’s eyes were struck in pain and betrayal, he asked,

“Why, my daughter? What did we deserve to be betrayed by our own blood?”

With her sword at his neck, Aura looked him in the eyes, so similar to her own and stated her reason,

“For years you lied to me. You convinced me to believe your lies, because you knew if I’d ever found out, I’d go against you. And now look where we are.”

Digging her sword deeper into her father’s neck, crimson blood ran down, and she continued,

“You killed Mother and your own daughter, my twin, Alina.”

Her father shook his head.

“It had to be done-“

“No! No! They did not have to die! We were a family! And you ruined that!”

Aura shouted. Her lungs felt hollow. Her heart felt cold.

With a deep breath, Aura looked at her father and utter one last thing,

“Our people don’t deserve a cruel leader like you Father. They deserve to have a leader that values peace and justice.”

And with one movement, Aura killed her enemy-her father.

Lost in thought, she walked back to her once enemy’s home, but now it was hers.

She turned against her father and fell into their enemy’s hands- Aero Ozias, the leader of the neighboring kingdom.

When Aura found out about her father’s corruption, she turned to Aero.

There, in his lands, she got rid of her father’s lies that brainwashed her, and instead stood by Aero’s side.

Yes, the two had fallen in a passionate love, but Aura also recognized the good Aero possessed, and wanted that for her own kingdom, which was slowly dying at the hand of her father.

So, Aura made the sacrifice. She killed her father to free her people.

Though she’ll live with the horrid memory, she would learn to live with it.

No regret or guilt hit her.

Together, Aero and Aura will now rule their kingdom in peace and justice.

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