The “Love” Story

Another horrible date. Hi, I’m June and I just got back from yet another horrible date. Every guy I meet is bad, some are cheating on their partners, others are cat fishers. Sometimes I feel like love is just some big joke. Anyway, tomorrow I’ve got class. I go to UCR. I major in writing and minor in botany so I spend most of my time writing in my journal in the gardens. A few days ago at class the professor started with “Today, class, I’m going to give you a different sort of assignment,” I stare at him in confusion and he begins again “Over the next two weeks you will write about what love means to you,” I slump in my chair and give him a look like what the heck. Luckily, I like to sit at the back of the class so he didn’t see me. The next day, I was thinking how I was supposed to go about this seeing as I have never had a good date. Except for maybe the one where I met my best friend, Jada. Dating just doesn’t seem in the cards for me. Everyone else I know seems to have a partner, someone who loves them. I’m currently sitting in the gardens writing about what love means to me. Well, for me love means someone who cares for you, someone who will be there for you, someone who will let you do the same for them, but that’s just from my observations. I don’t think I’ll ever know what love is really like. So that is my view on love, but maybe, hopefully, someday, I will get to see it for myself, but not today. Soon though, soon.

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