The Past Can Haunt

I always wondered what my life was in the past. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been fascinated by people who remember small details of there past, and I’ve always wanted to make a profession of it. But life gets in the way of your dreams, so instead I became hair stylist. I decided that today I’d finally figure out my past life, so I’m getting a hypnosis done. I walk into the building and wait for my appointment time. “Casey Bennet”? The woman calls. I get up and go to where my hypnosis begins. As the session begins I get more sleepy, and into my unconscious state of mind. As she speaks of life I start to remember small details. I see abandoned old buildings all around me, then I hear something that sounds like someone screaming. I see a man in the same clothing as me, all black, grabbing an older white man and throwing him into the back of a truck. I don’t like what I see, I want to wake up. “WAKE UP DAMNIT” “ WAKE UP” Shit. I feel someone shaking my shoulder, but it’s not my hypnosis doctor, I’m still in the past. It’s the man that’s my partner, who’s name I found out is Elliot. We shakes my shoulder and tells me, “Case get out of the goddamn trance, we got the governor. Lets kill this sick bastard and get out of here”. That’s when I realized what my past life was. I was a motherfucking hit woman.

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