An Imminent End To The World

“ My family. Where is my family?” she panicked There was no way the world is going to end without her by their side.

She always had a terrible feeling the whole world would end prematurely, she’d hoped that the others wouldn’t be around to see it, that it would only be her world ending, but here they were. There was no way this was happening.


She rifled through her bag trying to find her phone. She would call her mum first, though funnily enough it was her dad that entered her head first. He has passed the year before and although we was already gone, Noah had a sudden feeling that he was still here.

Noah noticed chaos erupting in the hospital.

“What do we do in a situation like this?” She thought “it wasn’t as if we could get all the patients to some sort of safety, I’m sorry but I want to go home” she said out loud to her friend Lisa next to her.

Looking down on the streets from the fourteenth floor of the tower, Noah saw an eruption of people running into the London Underground stations, roads closing and London Buses abandoned at the traffic lights. It had been twenty one minutes since the announcement and people were already chaotic. “What else is there to do?” She thought, “what’s the point in being civil when the world is going to implode?”

Noah reached back into her bag and dialled for her mum. She answered in a panic.

“Noah, Noah? What’s happening? Where are you? Get here right now, Alex is here with Dave and the kids, have you heard from the others?” Her mum sounded how she felt- panicked and desperate to be with her family.

“I’m on my way mum, I need to find a way home but I’m on my way, I promise I’m going to come home”

“And the others?” She repeated “have you spoken to the others?” She desperately looked for comfort in the idea that everyone was on their way. Noah could hear Alex crying on the other side of the phone. “This isn’t right” Noah thought. “She has kids, we don’t deserve this, they’re just kids.”

“I’ll try them now mum” Noah reassured, when inside she was ready to burst with anxiety.

She ended the call. She proceeded to call Jonah, Warren and Thomas, whichever of them picked up.

Noah stepped out of the building into a blinding sunshine.

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