Guns Vs. Iron

In the year, 2173, a scientist named Ida Stout created what she called Destroyer 87. It took her 87 tries to get it right, and when she did she was so happy. Destroyer 87 was supposed to fight for good, but an unknown man took control of it. It’s now the year, 2180, seven years and every day since it has been an endless war day after day after day. Every day new people were recruited to fight in the war. Every person who fights in the war uses guns that have a lot of fire power. The guns had very little effect because destroyer 87 was made out of a new, better iron. No one could figure out how to beat it. No one but Ida. After years of trying, she found a way to obliterate Destroyer 87, a way to upgrade the guns and armor so they can beat it as one. She told the people in charge of the soldiers. They upgraded everything they had in soon enough found out that a man named Mark Stout or Ida’s younger brother was behind the attacks for the last seven years. They then exploded Destroyer 87 and put mark in jail. Then everyone was at peace once more.

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