E? Whys’ My Name Start With E..

(E is so hard to do 😭)

Ever thought of dying?

Even though I am trying

Ebullient I was to see your comments

Effulgent you were

Élan I was to reply back to you

Elide I do, speaking so quickly to myself

Elocution? Nah too introverted

Elucidate I do to myself, to tell me, that you’re not the only one

Emending my faults

Empyreal, I was above

Enervate, you’d take my own skin

Enigmatic you are but so am I

Entropy, the chaos is among us

Enunciate I do your name, over and over again till I can’t shut up

Equable, I wish I was

Equanimity, I can, by blocking out noises, and focusing on your name

Erudite? Not so much, but I believe you could be

Esoteric? Maybe not the same definition

Ersatz? Nah, your better than the original

Ethereal you are to me

Ever betray me, and I will stab you back

Etiolate I will force upon you

Evince i may, to you I shall

Exemplar you are to me, a diamond in my eyes

Eyes that shine like diamonds

Extol, I hope you think of me to

Either way, I’ll always think

Either way, I’ll always remember

Either way, I’ll always know you, even to not the fullest

Either way, I’ll always hold you dearly.

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