I Still Love You

In the bustling city of Tokyo, Agatha, a sleek and determined young spy, slipped into the grand gala organized by Setsuo, the esteemed mayor, with a mission burning in her mind. She maneuvered through the glittering crowd, her curly hair cascading over her shoulders like a protective veil.

As she reached the target, Setsuo, Agatha felt a tingling sensation run down her spine. "This is it," she muttered to herself, ready to swap the precious codes.

Suddenly, a strong hand grasped her forearm. Agatha's heart raced as she turned to face Alexander, her husband from a past life in the Swedish intelligence agency. "Agatha, what are you doing here?" he whispered urgently, his hazel eyes searching hers.

Agatha's black eyes met his, a mix of fear and determination flashing through them. "I'm on a mission, Alexander. Please let me go," she pleaded, her voice a soft hum amidst the dazzling ambiance.

With a conflicted expression, Alexander released her, watching as she completed the crucial swap with Setsuo. Just as Agatha turned to leave, Alexander's voice echoed behind her, "Be careful, Agatha. We may have different allegiances now, but I still care for you."

And with that, Agatha disappeared into the shadows of the night, the weight of her mission heavy in her heart, leaving behind a whirlwind of emotions and a trail of mysteries unsolved in the heart of Tokyo.

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