Hit List

“ Stupid Ragweeds-“

“ How about you actually focus on the mission ahead of us, Cam. Not complaining about the climate.”

“ Like that’s going to help me not die from the elements, Fey.”

Parties. Possibly the bane of my existence. Out of all the places we can be, why a party. In a desert, no less.

Fey said this would be where our target is. Hence why I needed to use my own money for this worthless piece of trash.

The earpiece is stagnant, meaning someone is offline. Great. No sidekick on this bandwagon.

I walk towards the small bar side table, keeping to myself; my eyes on the crowd.

‘ Target Acquired, Cam. Well, I think.’ My earpiece jolts with life- with Fey’s voice strained.

“ What’s the matter Fey, see anyone accompanying them?” I mumble, sipping on some spiked fruit punch.

‘ I don’t see anyone, but problem is I…don’t know if they are actually going to be here-‘

“ I’m sorry?”

‘ We don’t know if the main man of the hour will be here. It’s a hit or miss. We gave invites to most people working nearby that office- so it had to extend somehow. I’m sorry Cam, just be-‘

I turn off the piece, rolling my eyes. Of course they send me to a mission, my first one, destined to fail. They really hate me that much.

Our intel said the assassin was to be invited to this party. A party planned by me, aka a spy. There is several undercover police in the shadows, waiting to strike.

By my signal.

However, how am I supposed to catch the man if he’s not even supposed to be here?

Just my luck.

With a quick swig of my drink, I place it down. I’ve tried everything. I placed it far away from civilization - from police. I even put the wanted victim in harms way, like a fattened pig ready for slaughter.

This man has been so many chances- so where is he? The one he wants to kill is on the dance floor, with bodyguards afloat.

“ Hey darling, care to dance?”

A sultry voice appears behind me, deep with southern accent.

A woman with bright jade eyes with a slick black dress is in my face. Her curly blonde locks are untamed, with lips are puckered out, as if trying to seduce me.

“ uh, sure?”

She takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor. Hand in hand, we slowly sway to the music. I’m not much of a dancer, so I stand awkwardly by her.

“ So are you Cameron Adler, the host of this event?” Her words are like whiskey to me.

She’s up to something, I suspect.

“ I would expect you to be…busy dancing with all these fine ladies this evening. But there you were, in a corner of your own party no less. Please remind me, sugar. What’s this fine party for?”

“ Well, it’s to uh…celebrate…”

Her eyes pierce through my skull. And that’s not even half of it. She has a headstrong gaze, that just makes you feel small. Hot. Like a hot day in July, exhausted from the heat.

“ Celebrate what, sweetheart?”

Gosh, she is using many pet names. Is she like some prostitutes brought from Las Vegas Strip?

“ My fathers…life. I’m sure you know he passed many months ago. I haven’t had the…heart to throw a party in his legacy.”

The part is true about my father. He died 9 months ago. However, the party isn’t for him. His legacy was built on abusing my mother with alcoholism. He isn’t to be celebrated in my eyes.

“ Goodness, I’m sorry for your loss Mr. Adler. However…”

She leans closer to me, arms wrapped around my torso. I can feel her steady breath on my ear, my heart pounding.

“ your father was…not a good man. Why celebrate his life when…well, you know..”

She has a grin like a madman; it’s making my heart pound. Why does she know this?


Immediately, the lights above were shut off. Blackness enveloped the room as I hastily turn my earpiece back on.

‘ So you finally done pouting-‘

Gunshots and screams enter my ears. I reach in my pocket, scrambling for light.

Am I too late?

“ Just shut it for once Fey, I think I found our culprit. And they do not like a man one bit”

I pull my handgun out, turning the safety off.

‘ You think our culprit is a female? That actually cuts things down quite a bit.’

“ Keep talking, Fey. I’m going to investigate where our lovely lady is.”

Since the first initial gunshot, everyone has been put into a frenzy. With my flashlight on, I head to the back, the hilt of the gun in hand.

‘ Does she have green eyes and soft blonde hair? Curly?’

“ I-“

“ I’d put the gun away sugar. You may hurt yourself.”

I can feel a barrel pressed into my head. Fey questions my every move, asking my whereabouts. I drop the gun, kicking it away.

“ I’m suprised you can listen.”

The lights start to flicker, exposing the room.

The victim, the woman who was the target of all is laid dead behind her.

“ Why kill her, assassin?”

My voice is harsh and cold. I glare at the woman, who shrugs.

“ She is of many who are corrupt. She wishes to end this world as we speak. I’m just saving us another day of breath one day at a time.”

“ That woman, the Chief Executive was innocent. How do you-“

She rolls her eyes, dropping the gun lower.

“ I would explain more, yet you don’t seem to be the open mind kind of guy. But…”

Her eyes glint with pride, my ice turning cold.

“ Your father was the one who started this whole mess. I’m just trying to pick the pieces. And who you work for, heh. You are like your father, one way or another. That company you work for is built on abuse.”

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