The Ugly Truth You Refuse to See

We followed you.

Every stepping stone you said to walk on

bouncing from one to another

Back and forth you said,

“Till you reach to the other side”

Oh how we had hung onto every word.

And repeated them, just. like. you…

But then we saw the ugly truth.

We would never be welcomed here.

If you knew, if _they_ knew.

You would look in disgust as we walked out the door,

The door which you would clean

Until it shattered to the floor, it’s glass

daggers sticking up for anyone passing by.

Shards of lies and broken promises you told to us

and to you

to make us belive you would care.

But what if we never told you?

Then we would be living a lie in

our own minds.

"You can’t have everything”

But it’s not everything.

It’s feeling safe.


You said.


where’d you learn that?

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