Experiment B26F

Entry 15

B26F is doing well. She has violent tendencies but settles down when threatened with the mirror room. She has eaten one of my staff again and has been punished accordingly.

Entry 20

We’ve started teaching her to talk and she is doing well. B26F has been injected with Mispirium Elendosis, a new potion Doctor Elliots has come up with. It should make her grow wings and we will track the progress.

Entry 22

We are starting to see the wings form however it is clearly painful for B26F. She is getting better at speaking but she has started calling me dad. It is.. more than inconvenient. Doctor Elliots is constantly watching when we get witness the wings growing even if it is only a little bit

Entry 36

She escaped. We don’t know how but the she’s broken the glass and we can’t find her anywhere. I can hear faint screams and yells. I don’t know what to do.

Entry 38

Everyone’s almost dead. There’s at least 8 of us left and our food supplies are low. We aren’t going to make it. We can hear her stomping through the corridors and crawling through vents.

Entry 40

They’re all gone. I’m the only one left. She says ‘dad gets to live.’ Why? Why did she do this? I don’t know. It’s not like I didn’t experiment on her, I suppose I did it less.

Entry 63

I killed her. I had to. I can’t stay down in this lab for the rest of my life. Project B26F is being shut down for the safety of everyone in the world. The sun seems brighter than I remember. It is nice to be free and yet I cannot shake the guilt of taking the life of a living being. It feels completely wrong even in the name of survival. I think I shall quote being a scientist or whatever it is I am. I think I shall stay with my parents for a while. Yes. I like this idea. No more experimenting.

No more.

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