The ancient man sat in his chair, taking long puffs from his pipe. His client was taking longer then expected, but no matter. He had all the time in the world, quite literally. His 12:00 came in, a little worn out but holding herself well as she always did.

“I’m so sorry, what with work and traffic-“

He would let out a hearty chuckle, retorting “Its no issue at all, dear. Come, sit and tell me about your day.”

She would sit, already beginning to explain how her boss was being overbearing and how Stacy was being a “bitchy bimbo” as always. However, he noticed something behind that, a hidden dilemma.

“Milenna, is something bothering you? Something you haven’t told me?”

She froze, the cracks forming in her mask as she fumbled out a response.

“You can tell me anything, anything at all. I am your therapist, after all.” He would lower his pipe, putting it on his coffee table and taking her hand. He would gently squeeze it, giving a warm smile as he insisted

“How about we start from the beginning?”

Mileena would soon be breaking down, anguishing about her battling the grief of her sister’s passing, her having been hit by a drunk driver on the way to work a day after they’re last session. The floodgates had opened, her pouring out how horrible the funeral had been, how her sister wished for her to be a pallbearer, and how she was left a note by her sister about how much she adored and looked up to her. Truly a horrible thing for her to have to experience.

He comforted her, assuring “Death, however peaceful or violent it may be, is just a part of life. I’m sure, nay, I’m certain she passed knowing how much she was loved by you. We shouldn’t fret over the dead, they wouldn’t wish it on us.”

The session went on a while longer, before she was comfortable enough to leave. He would take his pipe, taking a long smoke before finally addressing the figure in the corner.

“Its about that time, eh?”

“Do you feel fufilled?”

“Yes, yes I do.” He would stand, grabbing his cane and fedora. He would trudge up to Death, smiling wholeheartedly into its face as he took its hand, walking off into nothingness.

His funeral was a full-packed one. Friends, family, former clients, coworkers, the whole 9-yards. They spoke on how he was “an all around good man, and how much he bettered the lives of everyone around him”. He felt joy, knowing he had done good toward his fellow man.

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12

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