Quit Falling In Love

A stare into a soul

But she never looks twice

Cuz I’m not meant for her

Dare me to see her again and not fall

Eventually time will go on

Fuck all the apologies

Given to me

Hate everyone I ignore

I will give it to you

Just because I’m

Killing the love I have for you

Like a fly trap

Maybe we could’ve loved each other but

No you couldn’t love anyone but yourself

Oh, I’ve fallen again

Put my heart down

Quit falling in love with strangers

Right after falling out of love

Sight to see, me a love slut

Thank you for helping me fall and being caught

Understand I will feel happy till I crush

Vienna, Austria , walking with you

Wearing your shirt all night

Xylophone playing in the back of the cab

Yarn turned into our sweaters

Zero hate for you


I kinda gave up at the end

Did French hw all night (je ne suis pas calme)

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