I fear

I fear that when I come home this frown of hers will become permanent. That I’ll be everything that my father made me out to be. I can’t ever make him smile and soon I won’t be able to make her smile. I’ll be unwelcome completely in my family. The black sheep if you could. Sometimes I wish I never meet the tall dark eyed mystery man In the coffee shop that sunny fall morning. I wish he never spilt his coffee on me and that I never took up how offer to get a new dress at the dress shop across the street. I wish I never to the trip to the small quite town of Liltac. We’re the rich hideaway with there affairs and there secret children. Where they go to be themselves vector the media rips them apart for one mistake. I was not in any way rich, more poor actually and I had just become the biggest headline on this year. I could see it now in the newspapers. I could see the frown on her face as she looked at me when I returned. The head line tattooed in her mind.

Poor girl from south sides Bronx breaks up the power couple of the century and ends up he ring and the million dollar babies.