I look into a garden

A lovely, inviting place.

I see trees with low hanging branches

And a gentle, grassy space.

If I lived there I’d never go hungry,

For fruit is abundant and free,

And the fountain in the midst of the garden

Is calling out to me.

Roses just for pleasure

Are planted near and far.

I can see where the lettuce grows

And where the snap-dragons are.

I see corn on tall stalks

Mint and basil here and there.

Potatoes and carrots, beats and squash

Give to the atmosphere a home-like air.

Flowers everywhere

whose names I don’t know,

Adorn the beds

In which they grow.

Everywhere are signs of flourishing

Evidence of careful, tender nourishing.

I want to go in there and be free

In that lovely garden-land.

I feel that it was made for me

By the gentle gardener’s hand.

I know that I would be happy and safe

For I see the marks of tender care

In that beautiful and welcoming place

Here and there and everywhere.

But between me and that haven

Is a great and tall wall.

I don’t know if I

Can get in there at all.

And on top of that

I am in a great fortress

Living in a castle,

I am a princess.

Protected and sheltered

I am a lucky child

But someday I’d like to

Leave these palace walls

And step into that garden

And be allowed to grow wild.

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