Sitting With Silence

As I sit alone with my thoughts and peace

I think of the memories I have made

I like the peace and quiet

I am just with myself

I don’t need to play a charade

I breathe in

I breathe out

Letting go of self doubt

My mind becomes clearer

I am able to see the future infront of me

I breathe in

To see little me struggling in the past

Hoping that someone would save her

These visons swirling in my head

I look at myself in the mirror

The little girl is begging for help

I look at young crying me

Locking the door on her parents

Feling so lost, so sad

Hudreds of thousands of more events swirl in my mind

“Help me”

“Im lost”

“I cant do this”

“Help me”

“Get me out”

“Im done with this”

The words I dread

“I dont want to…”

I breathe out

The world becomes still

All peace restores inside of my body

Im at peace with myself

I appreciate the silence

Even if some don’t

It reminds me to breathe

Something I don’t do enough

This silence is when I allow myself to relax

This silence is quiet and nice

The same silence who some may deem as scary

The same silence that might make same paranoid

The same silence is calming to me

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