My Traits

I have many good traits

To the point some people think im perfect

But im human

I have horrible, disgusting traits too

I’ll talk about the good ones first

I’m pretty popular

I’m the best striker in my league

And I’m very artistic

But there’s also the other ones

The ones i try to ignore

While they scrape at my soul

The meds don’t help

Some of the “bad” traits are:

I hate myself

I think im fat

I’m annoying

But these aren’t bad if you think about it

Let’s talk about my self hatred

It can be a good thing

Like when other people insult me

You might be thinking, “how is that a good thing?”

I’ll explain

Because i hate everything about myself,

I can just smile at them and say “i know”

This confuses them

Thats the point

So in a way,

My depression makes me better

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