Old School Lincoln

“Oh yes sir, I do.”

“Well come on in here and out of the cold, little lady.” He ruptured.

In her clacking flat plastic dress shoes, Mary May walked over to the driver’s side window and raised a finger to the gentleman behind the wheel of the very nice large black car.

“No funny business.” She said.

Her tipped his hat to her and nodded.

Clicking and clacking her way around the car, the little girl went ‘round to the passenger side and heaved the door open.

He stared at her as if frozen; should he help her or should he allow her the dignity of her strength?

She threw her doll on the dashboard and fell into the passenger seat. She stretches her body up and out to finally shut the door.

How amusing! Lincoln thought to himself. This little girl acts as if she were a grown woman taking care of herself!

“Where are you headed?” Asked Lincoln.

“To New-Or-Leens” She piped with confidence.

“Well little miss, that’s all the way in Louisiana. You are in Michigan which is many, many days away from Lousiana by foot.” He laughed tenderly.

“Well that’s why I was out here. I know so can’t go the whole way all by myself, I’m just a kid! But I need to be there to see Auntie Borborpoe! Oh I just have to!”

Juliana sunk deeper into her seat.

He wanted to raise her spirits, “Auntie Barbados? Why, that’s a fine name!”

“Borborpoe! Not Barbados.”

“I see. And what does this Auntie mean to you?” He lost his tenderness.

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