The Trial

I am asleep, in my Draya’s arms when I am woken by Cyndi Lauper’s young voice singing from my phone. I grab it from my bedside table and checked the caller ID, but didn’t recognize the number. Draya was peering at the phone screen from over my shoulder as well then said “That’s David’s number… best answer it princess if he’s calling it is most likely important.”

“Hello?” I answered the phone groggily.

“Sarah, it’s David, I am terribly sorry to call so late. The high coven has called an emergency meeting; one of Kasimir’s thralls ended up at the ER unconscious and is in critical condition. The queen caught wind of it and we are sentencing him tonight. There is a car waiting for you go outside and get in.”

“Yes, of course, just give me a minute to get dressed.” I say getting out of bed and start making my way to my dresser.

“Make it quick.” he said then hung up.

I am currently wearing my Harley Quinn PJs, which consisted of black PJ bottoms with HA HA HA! written in red letters all over them and a dark gray tank top that depicts a picture of Harley Quinn in her jester costume wielding one of her signature giant mallets.

I pulled out a pair of blue and white tidied sweatpants; which I just put on over my PJ bottoms before bounding over to my closet and getting out a big oversized hoodie that said adidas with the sports brand’s symbol on the front. I pull it on over the tank top. The hoodie had originally belonged to my dad, but he hardly ever had a chance to wear it because I was borrowing it all the time so finally he just gave it to me.

Meanwhile, Draya was retrieving her shirt and pants from the floor; as she had oppted to sleep in a sports bra and panties; making it exceedingly difficult to keep my hands to my self; not that Draya seemed to mind in the least.

I had not forgotten the events that had taken place Halloween night at a masquerade ball Draya and I had attended. That was one week ago.

Tessa, the Thrall of a vampire named Ruby, had been abused by another vampire named Kasimir. It was against the covens law to harm another vampire’s thrall; a law that had been put in place by David shortly after he had risen to power. He had never approved of violence; especially violence against humans.

After getting dressed I left a note to my parents with a fabricated message that Draya and I decided to go out for a late night meal and they could reach me on my cell phone; just incase they woke up and decided to check on me; as was not uncommon especially for my mother. Then Draya and I head out the front door. I relock it behind me before we make our way to the black car parked out in front of my house and get inside. David is In the drivers seat with Celeste beside him. “So whats the whole story?” I asked.

“I have been having other members of the coven check up on Kasimir for wellness checks on his thralls; on one of those wellness checks the vampire reported that Kasimir’s residence was in shambles; that it looked as if a tornado had blown through there and his Trall unconscious and beatten nearly to death on the floor. Kasimir and his remaining Thrall were not there. I, until recently could do nothing to stop Kasimir from hurting his own thralls as I had no proof. After he had hurt Tessa; that would have been enough to remove his Thralls from him. Now I have ample evidence to not ony remove his Thralls from his care, but black list him from ever making any more thralls ever again. However I have to make everyone else agree and not everyone shares my feelings about violence towards humans.”

“The Thrall that is in the hospital is she going to be ok?” I asked.

“Unfortunately it’s too early too tell, but I surely hope she will be alright.”

The rest of the drive was made in silence before we came to what; on the outside appears to be an abandoned building with dark red brick that was tagged with graffiti in various places and borded up windows; there were signs that read NO TRESPASSING, CONDEMNED, KEEP OUT on the front entrance.

The inside however was quite different. There was raised tiered seats on all sides and It reminded me of a amphitheater, except that it was indoors. On the floor in the center of the room was a chair with a sort of box around it. That is where Kasimir was sitting with his remaining thrall standing beside him, but she had a black eye and her right arm was in a sling.

A few feet way from Kasimir were two other chairs in boxes, but they were empty.

Many vampires were already seated waiting for the trail to begin.

Not long after Draya and I took our own seats I saw Ruby enter with Tessa clinging to her arm. Tessa caught sight of me and waved then began tugging on Rubys arm and pointing at Draya and me. Ruby looked over, saw us and smiled before she began making her way towards us; Tessa fallowing beside her. “Hello Draya…Sarah.” Ruby greeted Draya and myself before sitting down beside us.

Tessa peered down at Kasimir “Are they going to aks me questions?” Tessa asked Ruby sounding nervous.

“They might want to, but don’t worry all you have to do is tell the truth.” Ruby said in a tone one would use to sooth a child.

It wasn’t much longer before it seemed that all the vampires that were to attened were there. There was a low din of conversation filling the room. Suddenly a male vampire in what looked like a very expensive suit and a head set for hands free calling stood up. “Order, order everyone.” He called out.

The room went silent and then the male vampire spoke again. “Kasimir you are accused of assaulting another vampire’s thrall and of nearly killing one of your own thralls, both of these crimes are in violation of laws put in place by your coven leader David and as a member of his coven you are expected to respect and fallow these rules, right now it seems you have not done so. Do you have anything to say in your defense?”

“I will not deny the charges, however I feel that I did nothing wrong. I disciplined a thrall whose vampire clearly has not taken a firm enough hand with her and as for my thralls, well they are mine to do with as I please and the thrall in question is not yet in fact dead, but I cannot help it that human thralls are so fragile. I admit I may have gotten to rough with her, but it was not my intention to kill her. If it were she would be dead right now instead of in the hospital.” Kasimir said.

“Do you have anyone you wish to speak on your behalf?” The vampire with the head set asked.

“I do not.” Kasimir said.

“Very well, in that case we call Sarah to speak.” Said the vampire with the head set.

I audibly glup before standing and making my way down to the floor. My heart pounded in my chest as I heded towords the center of the room. I wished my hands would stop trembling. I clenched them into fists in an attempt to still them my fingers slipping slightly against my sweaty palms. I was not looking forward to having to speak in front of everyone. If I thought that having to give a class presentation was bad this was worse. I tried not to look at Kasimir, but I could still feel him looking at me or more likely glaring; it felt as if his gaze was burning into me with it’s intensity. I chanced a glance at him when I come to stand next to one of the chairs and the look he was giving me was murderous. Pure anger and hatred practically pouring out of him and threatening to drown the entire room in negativity.

“Sarah do you swear to tell only the truth to the best of your ability?” asked the vampire with the head set.

“I do.” I say then take a seat in one of the empty chairs.

“Sarah you were present at the masquerade ball where the assault took place correct?” Asked the vampire with the head set.

“Yes, I attended the Ball with Draya as her consort.” I answered.

“Can you tell us in your own words what took place?” Asked the vampire with the head set

I took a deep breath before recounting what happened that night.

“I was talking with Ruby when I heard yelling, Kasimir was yelling at Tessa for being clumsy and then he hit her so hard she fell. Ruby and I both rushed over. While I attempted to check on Tessa, Ruby pretty much tackled Kasimir and was hitting any part of him she could reach. She was angry at him for hitting Tessa.”

“Hold that thought Sarah.” said the vampire with the head set.

“Kasimir for what reason did you strike Tessa?”

“The girl bumped into me while carrying some drinks spilling them all over me ruining my costum made suit… needless to say I was upset.” Kasimir said.

The way Kasimir said that with a condescending, calm confidence made my blood boil. “So you fucking backhand her? You think you are justified in your actions because she accidentally spilled something on you? You disgust me!” I spat out my previous nerves and anxiety forgotten; I probably shouldn’t have let my emotions control my actions, but I couldn’t help it. This asshole was abusing his thralls and nearly killed one of them; he hurt Tessa for a small blunder and thinks he is justified because his suit was ruined. I simply couldn’t stay quiet about that.

“You should watch your tounge girl; I will not stand for being talked to like that!” Kasimir growled.

“Get used to it, it won’t be the last time!” I said glaring at him.

“I will not stand for such disrespect especially not from the likes of you!” Kasimir said threateningly.

I opened my mouth to respond, but then the vampire with the head set intervened. “Order, order! Sarah, Kasimir this behavior is unacceptable.” He said.

“I apologize queen’s delegate I was out of line.” Said Kasimir.

“I apologize as well I should not have let my emotions get the better of me.” I said and I meant it too.

“Well if the two of you can keep yourselves under control we can continue.” said who I now knew was the queens delegate.

“Of course.” said Kasimir.

“Yes.” I said.

“Alright, Sarah what happened after Ruby attacked Kasimir?”

“David along with some other vampires had to pull her off of him. It wasn’t long after that, that Draya came over asking what happened so I told her that Ruby had attacked Kasimir for hitting Tessa. Draya calmed her down however she had to be held back a second time when it was revealed that Tessa had a small cut on her cheek. Draya told me to take Tessa upstairs and take care of the cut on her face while she calmed down Ruby so I did. Not long after that Draya and Ruby came upstairs, and Ruby left with Tessa. Draya and I also decided to leave.”

“Good any other details you would like to share?”the delegate asked.

“Yes I don’t know if it makes a difference, but Tessa told me that Ruby is good to her. She takes care of her. She can be scary sometimes but she has never hurt her.” I say looking up at where Tessa is sitting to see her smiling down at me.

“Thank you Sarah you may go back to your seat.”

I do so hastily wanting to put distance between Kasimir and my self.

“We call Draya to speak:” the delegate called

Draya gave my hand a quick little squeeze before gracefully and confidently making her way down to the center of the room and standing by one of the chairs. “Draya do you swear to tell only the truth to the best of your ability?” Asked the delegate.

“I do!” Draya said taking her seat.

“Draya please tell us what you remember from the incident on the night in question.”

“Well I didn’t see the assault on Tessa happen, but Sarah said it happened and I trust my consort. I also know Ruby quite well, she is known for having a temper especially when provoked and she is fiercely protective over Tessa so I can understand Ruby’s reaction.” Draya explained

“What happened after Sarah told you what happened?”

“I went over to Ruby who at this point was fighting to get out of the grip of the other coven members to resume her attack and I helped to calm her. I have a bit of a knack for Calming Ruby. I convinced her to go to Tessa ; that Tessa neededed her, but when she discovered that her thrall was more injured that she initially thought she became engaged again. I once again tried calming her but it was harder to do this time so I sent Sarah upstairs along with Tessa and told Sarah to clean up her cut using a first aid kit that she could find under the sink in the upstairs bathroom.”

“Then what happened?” Asked the delegate.

“Well do to Ruby’s reaction David felt it was best to have Kasimir leave. Once he was gone I had an easier time calming and then reasoning with her. Once that was done I took her upstairs where we found Sarah and Tessa sitting in the hallway and after confirming that her thrall was ok they left Sarah and I left directly after that.”

“Thank you Draya you may return to your seat.”said the delegate.

Draya nodded respectfully before returning to her seat beside me.

“We call the thrall Tessa and her vampire Ruby to speak.” the delegate said.

Both Tessa and Ruby make their way to the center. Ruby seemed calm, but I was sure that it was an act especially considering the fact that Tessa was a nervous wreck intent on looking anywhere but at Kasimir and clearly uncomfortable of having to be anywhere near him.

“Tessa and Ruby do you swear to tell only the truth to the best of your ability?”Asked the delegate.

“I do” said Ruby.

“I do” said Tessa.

“Tessa could you please explain in your own words what happened on Halloween night that caused the incident in question.”

“I had gone to get some drinks for Ruby and myself it was kind of crowded and on my way back I was jostled by one of the other party goers and stumbled causing me to bump into and spill the drinks on Kasimir and before I could even attempt to apologize he began to yell at me before slapping me…I didn’t mean to do it, it was an accident.” She answered but seems to be a bit distressed as silent tears were now sliding down her face. Ruby placed a hand on her shoulder attempting to comfort and console her

“Is it necessary for her to answer any more questions? Clearly this is upsetting her.” Ruby said her tone of voice showing her concern for Tessa.

“No further testimony is needed from her. She may return to her seat if she wants to.”

“Tessa I want you to go and sit with Draya and Sarah okay and I will come and sit with you when I am done answering their questions.”

Tessa nodded and quietly made her way back up to her seat next to mine. Tears were still silently rolling down her cheeks “Tessa…” I say placing a hand on her shoulder Tessa turns to look at me “can I… would you like a hug?” Tessa just stares at me for so long I didn’t think she was going to answer but then she nods. I gently pull the girl into my arms and she cries into my shoulder. I don’t let go not even after Tessa’s crying quites. She shifts herself in her seat so she can sit with her head resting on my shoulder as we listened to Ruby’s testimony.

“Ruby can you tell us about that nights events? The delegate asked.

“Yes I did not see my thrall spill the drinks, however I did hear and see Kasimir yell at and then hit my thrall. When he hit her all rational thought left me. My only thought was to protect my thrall by destroying the thing that hurt her.”

“Are you saying that if you had a clear mind you would not have attacked Kasimir?”

“Well he may have encountered my right hook but my main concern would be Tessa. I will admit that I lost my temper. In fact I had been so enraged that had David and the other members of the coven not intervened I probably would have killed him. He would be nothing but a pile of ashes scattered in the wind right now.” Ruby said.

I heard a few gasps from some of the vampires in the room, Kasimir’s thrall was crying, and for a moment the queens delegate seemed stunned then he spoke. “Your intention was to Kill Kasimir?”

“As I said before I wasn’t thinking clearly, but in that moment I wanted him dead, yes. He hurt my thrall and I was going to make sure he never did it again. However I have a clear mind now and realize that killing him would have been a rash decision and mistake.“

“Ruby I understand that you have a trail coming up, but given what I just heard and in the interest of saving time I would prefer deciding your sentencing tonight if your coven leader approves of course.”

At this point David stood from where he had been sitting “I have no objections to this proposal.” he said.

“Very well could you also come down to give your testimony?”

David calmly made his way down to the center of the room and took a seat in the vacant chair next to Ruby.

“I have just a few more questions for you Ruby, after you were pulled off Kasimir what happened?”

“Well at first I was fighting to get at him again, but then Draya was there and she was able to calm me down, but then I saw that Tessa was cut and I became enraged again. Draya tried calming me again, but I was only vaguely aware of her or anything around me really. It was like I had tunnel vision my only intention or thought was to end Kasimir. Draya sent Tessa upstairs with Sarah and after awhile she did calm me and I was able to think rationally again. After that I went upstairs to retrieve Tessa and we went home.”

“Thank you Ruby; please remain seated.”

Ruby nodded in understanding.

“David do you swear to tell only the truth to the best of your ability?” The delegate asked.

“I do” David said.

“Could you please tell us of the events that took place at the masquerade ball.”

“Of course, I did not see the incident of Kasimir harming the thrall Tessa. However when asked later he did admit to it, although he called it discipline.”

“So you didn’t see Kasimir attack Tessa, but you witnessed the attack on Kasimir?”

“Not all of it; I was drawn to the commotion it was causing and after I saw what was taking place I intervened. It took me and three other members of my coven to pull Ruby off of Kasimir and hold her back. Honestly I am grateful Draya was able to calm Ruby, I am not certain for how long we would have been able to hold her off.”

“Thank you David. I think we have heard enough to pass a verdict and with the approval of the queen we find Kasimir guilty. David I believe you already have a punishment in mind.”

“Yes, Kasimir will be shunned for two weeks and his thralls removed. He will also be barred from thralling any other humans for as long as I am leader of this coven.”

“Very well. We also find Ruby guilty of the charge of violence against another coven member. Do you have a punishment in mind for her David?”

“Yes, shunned for one week. I will give them both 24 hours to get any affairs in order before the shunning will take affect. However Kasimir’s thralls will be removed immediately.”

At those words Celeste, flanked by two large male vampires I did not know made their way down to the floor taking the thrall by her upper arms and leading her away…okay more like dragging her because her response was immediate. She first attempted to cling to Kasimir and they had to literally rip her away from him. As they dragged her away she was screaming and crying not to take her away from him and was even attempting fight to get back to him, but her attacks had little to no affect on the male vampires holding her. We could hear her wails and pleas continue even after she left the room as they slowly faded and then disappeared.

The delegot then turned to Ruby “You may return to your thralls side.”

Ruby quickly made her way back to her seat. Only then did I let go of Tessa as she settled herself in Ruby’s arms.

The delegate turned to Kasimir “You are free to go Kasimir. I segest you leave and take care of everything necessary before your shunning begins.” Kasimir began to make his way up the staircase that lead to the exit, but as he passed his eyes locked on to me and Tessa.

“You two..,” his voice came out as a low growl “this is all because of you!”

The next few events happened very quickly. Kasimir lunged for Tessa and myself, I hear Tessa let out a steak of terror, Draya put herself in front of me taking a defensive stance, while Ruby envelopes Tessa in her arms and put herself between Kasimir and her thrall shielding Tessa with her body. Kasimir was literally clawing at Ruby in and attempt to get at Tessa. Kasimir’s finger nails were long and had been filed and sharpened to a point and they were currently carving deep gashes into the flesh of Ruby’s back and arms. Ruby barely reacted except to bare her teeth and let out small hisses of pain. Tessa was still letting out a scream of fear every so often while the rest of the time she was whimpering and trembling like a leaf. After what seemed like hours but was probably only minutes Kasimir was being pulled off of Ruby by several other male vampires. He had to be restrained as he fought to resume his attack then I hear the delegot speak. “Kasimir in light of your actions that I have just witnessed it is clear that you are a danger not only to human thralls but to human consorts and your own coven members as well. This calls for more drastic measures, David as he is a member of your coven what do you propose?”

“Shunned permanently, or at least for as long as I am coven leader.” David declared.

“Ruby, I feel that your sentence should be cut in half do to recent events.” The delegate said.

“I agree.” said David.

The delegate nodded then said “Gentleman would you please escort Kasimir off the premises.” Kasimir was glaring at Tessa and I as he was escorted out and if looks could kill we would both be dead. The entire incident left me feeling shaken, unsettled and honestly a bit frightened. After Kasimir had been gone for a while the delegate dismissed everyone and people began to file out. Ruby, Tessa, Draya, and myself ended up leaving as a group. Ruby was wincing a little bit but otherwise gave no indication of any discomfort.

Once we were outside it was clear that Tessa was getting increasingly upset at seeing how injured Ruby was, no matter what Ruby said in an attempt to soothe her. “Don’t fret Tessa I will heal.”

Draya chose to interrupt their conversation. “True as that maybe Ruby you don’t seem to be healing as quickly as you should…have you been feeding regularly?”

“Don’t mother hen over me Draya.”

“She hasn’t feed in the past four days! She insists that she’s fine but I know she’s lying!” Tessa exclaimed with frustration, not really talking to anyone in particular more just stating facts.

“Ruby why haven’t you been feeding?” Draya asked.

“My regular supplier has raised their prices and I don’t like to feed from Tessa unless absolutely necessary. I could have asked the coven for assistance, but I didn’t want them to know anything was wrong.”

“Ruby since your shunning doesn’t actually go into effect until tomorrow night, ride with us and go home with Celeste. I’m spending the night at Sarah’s so you can take my room, it has a king size memory foam mattress and an attached bathroom. You and Tessa will be comfortable there and Celeste will take care of you, provide you with some blood and bandage your wounds. Eventhough they will probably have closed by morning with enough blood.”

“Draya if this is pitty then…” Ruby starts, but Draya cuts her off. “I am not doing this out of pity. You are my coven, that makes you my sister. Whatever happened in our past that doesn’t mean I just stopped caring about you, thats why I am doing this because I care. I will never stop caring…unless you like kill Sarah, then you are dead to me, but as of right now that’s not the case. I want to help you.”

Ruby seems speechless for a moment. “I…you don’t have…thank you, I appreciate this, really I do.”

“It’s nothing, I would like to think you would do the same.”

“Probably not, and if I did it would only be so I could hold it over your head, or so you would owe me, but you already know that I am selfish and not exactly a good person so…”

“ I think you are better than you think you are.”

“Whatever, can we just leave already? All this sappy talk is making me nauseous, but that could also be because of the pain…my back is fucking killing me right now.”

Draya smiled at her and we all began to make our way to the black car we had arrived in.

“Celeste I hope you don’t mind, but I offered for Ruby and Tessa to spend the night in my room. She needs blood as she has been neglecting to feed. I told her that as her shunning has not yet taken effect that you would help her?”

“Of course I will.” Celeste responded.

We didn’t speak as we drove and my mind was moving a mile a minute filled with questions like, is the thrall that is currently laying unconscious in a hospital room going to be okay and recover? Is his other thrall who screamed and fought to stay with him going to be okay? What’s going to happen to the both of them after all this? I was also afraid. I think Kasimir’s reaction will forever be burned into my memory. Although I knew that Draya would never let anything bad happen to me, she couldn’t be with me 24/7. What if Kasimir tried to come after me? I had the evidence of what he was willing and capable of doing and more sitting in the back seat with Draya and I.

I was trying desperately not to look at Ruby’s shredded back and scratched up arms. It was clear that had he not been pulled off of her Kasimir was not going to stop. If he had to kill Ruby to get to Tessa he would have done it. Honestly the only way Kasimir would get to Tessa would be over Ruby’s dead body. I was becoming overwhelmed and was beginning to tremble. I feel Draya’s arms around me and can feel her placing gentle kisses on top of my head and it took the edge off, but my anxiety levels were probably still extremely high I wouldn’t be surprised if she could smell it on me.

The time in the car seemed like an eternity but finally we arrived at my house. We bid David and Celeste good night and wished Ruby a speedy recovery before biding her and Tessa a good night as well. Tessa looked like she was nodding off already.

I am mostly moving on auto pilot, my mind a jumbled mess of questions and worries. As we entered the house I began to do things that are second nature to me. Things like relocking the door before heading up to my room.

I enter my room and pull off the hoodie and take off my sweatpants and throw them into a random corner of my room. I can’t stop thinking about everything that had happened that night and I can feel my anxiety rising. I climb into my bed and Draya’s waiting arms and try to relax. Part of me wants to sleep; to fall into a dreamless bliss, but part of me fears falling asleep worried I would be plagued with horrible nightmares as my subconscious seems to enjoy betraying me granting me no reprieve.

“Your anxiety is coming off of you in waves Darling.” Draya informes me.

“I’m sorry tonight was just…a lot.”

“I understand I wish it wasn’t so distressing for you.”

I sighed in defeat, but then a thought occurred to me. “Draya feed from me.”


“Bite me, feed from me I want you to.”

“Darling that’s not necessary I don’t need…”

I cut her off. “No you misunderstand I don’t want to do it for your benefit. I want it for my own. I want you to take all the awful things I’m feeling away please.”

“Oh I see… it’s not a permanent fix Darling once the effects wear off…”

I cut her off again. “That is a problem for future Sarah, but right now I need this Draya please.”

“You have been watching She-Ra too much if you are starting to quote it.”

“Don’t try changing the subject that’s not going to work, and I was just using that quote from Catra because I felt it was warranted for the subject matter.”

“You’re sure you want me to?”

“Yes absolutely.”

“Ok if you insist.” she said sitting up against my head board. “Come here and sit in my lap.”

I do so immediately. The next thing I feel is Draya’s soft lips on my neck, first kissing and then sucking on it hard. I let out a gasp when I feel her fangs sink into my flesh, but it morphs into a contented sigh as all the anxiety and fear and the mess of swirling thoughts disappear to be replaced with nothing but calmness and bliss. I don’t know how long it was before Draya retracted her fangs and I feel her tongue sliding along the bite marks. “The hickey I gave you should help to hide the bite marks, but you might want to consider wearing turtlenecks for the next couple of days just to be safe… how are you feeling?”

“Much better now…thank you for that.”

“You’re welcome just…please don’t ask me to do that very often it’s not that I don’t want to help you it’s just…there’s still a lot of not so good memories that pop up on me. I’m still kind of coping with the tree house incident I’m getting better just not quite there yet.”

“It’s alright I understand; now can you just hold me? I’m sleepy and want to take advantage of it while it lasts, but I would like to at least get a few cuddles in before drifting off to dreamland.”

“Certainly princess; as you wish.”

Enveloped in my Draya’s safe and gentle embrace I drifted off into a blissful dreamless sleep.


Next story is titled Happy Birthday

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